25 03, 2015

Podcast #76

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12 05, 2009

Stop the Assault & Remove the Hammer – best strategies to fix low back pain

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“If you were to hit your thumb lightly, but repeatedly, with a hammer, it would eventually become very painful, and soon, the slightest touch would cause pain.” – Stuart McGill, Low Back Disorders: Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation The number one cause of low back pain is repeated or sustained flexion. [...]

25 03, 2009

Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement

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    Most injuries are a combination of overuse coupled with bad form over a relative period of time. For example, sitting at a computer for 8 hrs a day in a flexed position, or running with improper mechanics and even the repetition of lifting weights without proper stabilization.  Over taxing a certain body part in [...]

16 03, 2009

Tight Lateral Hip Rotators

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    Following up from the last blog – foot flare – I want to go into more detail on the importance of preventing your external (lateral) hip rotators from becoming too tight. Hip rotators can easily become tightened, usually as a result of overuse or sitting too much throughout the day.  Lateral Hip Rotators [...]

12 03, 2009

What Causes the Foot to Flop Out to the Side?

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  Tight external hip rotator muscles deep inside the hip.  This pulls on the hip and externally rotates the leg and foot.  Results in foot flare, will exaggerate pronation and alter foot mechanics.  Calf and thigh muscles are often tight and restrictive.  This will not allow the leg to absorb impact forces gracefully.  Hip Flexor [...]