ChiroSportSD is a modern studio in the heart of La Jolla. It can be described as modern and warm with an open, beach vibe. The setting is relaxed and light–a one-on-one experience that encourages patients to get better and feel better quickly.

ChiroSportSD blends hands-on treatments with current sport therapy to relieve back, shoulder, and neck pain, and improve athletic performance.

ChiroSportSD studio’s design was built with the patient in mind. It provides the freedom to give patients the time, attention, and energy they need to overcome their problems in order to reach their unique health and fitness goals.

The treatment range includes wild (not boring or mundane) and original hands-on techniques, such as active release techniques, postural restoration exercises, body adjustments, and current sports therapy; and traditional exercise and stretching recommendations. I also use heat, muscle stimulation, and ultrasound to speed up the healing process.

Think of ChiroSportSD as active therapy with a touch of feel-good treatments