How do you deal with major disruptions to your workout routine? When you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll. Nothing can stop your motivation.

In sports they call this momentum, and it’s easy to recognize. The ball bounces where you need it, you make your shot, and everything seems to be going your way. However, momentum can be lost as easily as it is gained, and it happens to the best of us.

Losing this momentum can really affect your workouts and make your goals harder to obtain.

Not only is this frustrating, losing your drive also makes it even harder to get moving. It can take as little as a week off to really put a damper on your running progress.

Here’s a little secret, just remember the word “one”. To get back in the game and shift gears, all it takes is “one” step. Once you take that first leap the next will be easier, and the one after that even easier. After you get back to your workout you are on your way to building up your momentum.

This article from the “Zen Habits” blog is very helpful for those of us that have lost our momentum. Here the writer offers some insight into the right way to stick to your goals when unforeseen circumstances, aka life, gets in the way of your exercise program.

His six suggestions range from being more flexible, to getting an exercise partner, to taking a little break. Each piece of advice is personal and helpful, and may encourage you to rethink skipping your next workout.


Cole Ellis