Although ChiroSportSD is not a training facility, my treatments complement the work of local trainers, coaches, doctors, and yoga instructors, with whom I collaborate to provide you with the best care. Dana testimonial.

Since my goal is to get you well fast, you will only invest in the treatments as you go, rather than commit to a long-term plan.

ChiroSportSD takes the best of chiropractic by staying current in effective techniques, thereby leading the profession toward real, results-oriented standard of care. This patient-centered path is paved by health and fitness professionals who have the courage to put the patient first. I am inspired and energized to keep putting you first in order to provide you therapy that makes a real difference.

Although my patients come from diverse backgrounds, my patient-centered model of care leads us to our common goal: to be pain free and to stay physically active, healthy, and strong.

  • Athletes

  • General Population

  • Just starting out

  • Military

  • Yoga

  • Stylists

  • Techs